Do you like cat or kittens? But do you aware of this fact that never chooses a cat based on its looks. You should always meet the cat or kitten before bringing her at home. Pet is a very good option for our leisure time. It is proved that children who grow up with pets are benefited. Just check the important issue about cats. Here are the five families friendly Cat breeds for adaptation. National Cat Day 2016 is om 29th October, check out some of the most family friendly cat breeds in the below section. 

Cat Day 2016


This is very affectionate and friendly cat. The origin of this Birman cat is from Burma, present Myanmar. Though, the actual origin is not clear about Birman. It is medium in size, and the body shape is rectangular in shape. It consists of a broad face, wide ears and deep sapphire blue eyes. The four of Birman is silky and medium in size. Birman has a large number of colour variety like seal, chocolate, blue, lilac, red or cream, etc. Most of the Birman are quite, soft spoken and easy to handle. It also likes kid so much.


The easy going Ragdoll is perfect for a family person. Ragdolls are an easy learner; they catch the tricks very easily. They like the human attachment.  This cat is from the United States of America. This adorable breed is developed by Ann Baker in the year of 1960’s. It looks is very much similar to its character.  Ragdoll has nice and sparkling blue eyes with covered soft light coloured long hair. They are large among all domestic cats. These can be in various colours and patterns.  So it will be the perfect choice for a family person.


Himalayan is a sub breed of long haired cat. It is popular in its looks and appearance. It has a cobby body covered with soft and shiny long hair. Himalayan cats are originated from Persian breeds. There are two types of Himalayan one is “Dollface” and another one is “ultra-typed”.  White Himalayan cats are like a snow globe. Besides that, it has a large number of colour varieties like Blue, Lilac, Seal, Chocolate, Red, and Cream. This Himalayans are very peaceful, intelligent, kids friendly in nature. It has all the quality in it to be a perfect family cat.

Maine Coon

The origin of this cat is North America. This is one of the most favoured cats breed in the United States. There is no evidence for its actual origin. Maine Coon is large. Its weight can be 10 to 25 pounds. Maine Coon is very nice in nature. It can easily accept the different situation and temperament. This will help Maine Coon to be domestic in nature. By this virtue, this cat is earned the heart of so many pet lovers. The eyes of these cats are green, gold, greenish-gold or copper and sometimes bi-colors.

Exotic Shorthair

This breed is a short-hair variety of Persian cat. It is commonly notable for its teddy bear looks. This breed is a lazy person as Exotic short hair is partially lazy in nature. It is a medium sized cat. Its weight can be up to 18 pounds.  Origin of this Exotic Shorthair is America. It is playful in nature and easy going with family members. It can adjust with other animals too. So it is perfectly a family cat material without any doubt.
Bringing a cat is huge decision itself. As pet cats are not toys, they are a living thing. They too have anger, hunger, and desire like children. So if you are thinking to bring a pussy at your home, then you should check this side 1st. Cat also needs a playmate. They are moody and very spontaneous in their reaction. So be care full when you think to be a cat owner. as Cat Day 2016 will be celebrated in the U.S on 29th October 2016, check out the most popular cat breeds in the below section. 

British Shorthair

It is a decent version of conventional British domestic cat. It is the oldest breed of the British cat. As its native land is England, it has full of British attitude. British Shorthair is comparatively well-built muscular, strong and dense cat. This British Shorthair is medium in size. Its weight is approx 15 to 21 pounds. It cherishes affection, but it is not a self-centered cat. It does not disturb you to say “me, me, me” only. British Shorthair has a mature, untroubled and relaxed nature quality. They also welcome the guest heartily. It is a very good choice for domestic purpose.

Abyssinian Cat

Abyssinian cats are originally from Ethiopia region. But it is developed in the United Kingdom. It is lean; Fine boned, very short hair and medium in size. Abyssinians like hunting. They are very active, strong and highly intelligent in nature. Among all cat breeds this Abyssinians lives their lives fullest.  This Abyssinians can be habit forming, so beware of this fact. It has a very few colour verities like ruddy brown or red, darker brown, or black. It has a sized almond eye which is green or gold in colour.

Turkish Angora

It is an ancient and pure breed of cat. Turkish Angora is one of the most loving cat breeds among all. The origin of these spices is a turkey. This breed is so intelligent and extremely affirm and playful with children and other personalities. It will get closed within a very short period.  Turkish Angora looks so elegant that nobody can neglect its presence.  A fine and long silky fur covered its body all around. It is such an adorable pet I have ever seen.

Japanese Bobtail

It is a fully domestic cat. The native land of this breed is Japan and Southeast Asia. It has a close similarity with rabbit. Japanese Bobtail has a short tail which recognised it from other. Japanese Bobtail has human oriented nature. It is very gentle and likes to play. It is very obedient in nature. 

Russian Blue

Russian Blue is from Russian origin. It has a very soft and short hair covered all over its body. It is an elegant type of cat. This breed has muscular, strong appearance proclaim to call it a Doberman Cat. Russian Blue is shy, gentle and quiet in nature. It has a reserved personality. But above all, it is very much domestic in nature. So you can go for it
Wake up Guys!! It is National Cat day. Don’t you want to celebrate this day with your pet? Then hurry up and get ready for this catty festival.

This is a day to celebrate our lovable kitty friends. Oh! I might forget to say that when National Cat Day is! It takes place worldwide on 8th of August every year and 29th October in the United States. The day was proclaimed by International Fund for Animal Welfare in the year of 2002. It is a day when cats are cuddled, hugged, pampered by their owners.

Cat Day 2016

There are over 500 million domestic cats in the world. As we all know, cats are quite gentle in nature. They are partially obedient. This quality helps them to enter the domestic area. Now a day’s cats came in the position of Second as ‘most popular pet’ in the United Kingdom, which is next to dogs. This is a healthy sign for these little furry pets. From this reports we can easily assume that now cats are equally adored by people in our society. Cats are independent in nature. They often choose their companion (Human/Owner) and house.  Cats are affectionate as well as self-reliant.

There is a blind spot too for these poor creatures. Many of us think that cats are not the right choice for domestic purpose. According to them, cat brings negative vibes to our family and life. For this, the old and ancient ritual are completely responsible. On that days to present day cats are used in the black magic activity. But people to understand that cats are not responsible for this matter; this is a human who used them as a medium. They are nothing but a living creature like rest of any animal.

As we know ‘all wells that end well’. Here is also a ray of hope. As there is still some person exists who believes in humanity, not in superstitions. They always tried their best in this matter. So we should say thanks to them and proceed this awareness by adopting and celebrating this National Cat Day 2016.

According to me people and cats can easily adjust with each other and live more happily together.
National Cat day is a day for cats. All cat lovers and cat owners wait eagerly for this day.  This National Cat Day created by Pet Lifestyle Expert & Animal Behaviorist, Colleen Paige to help motivate the people to recognise the number of cats that need to be rescued each year. It also tries to motivate and encourage all cat lovers to love unconditionally to the pets. So here I like to suggest you ten different and unique ways to celebrate National Cat Day 2016. Hope you will like these ways and try some of these ways.

Cat Day 2016

Adopt a Cat

If you truly love cats, then this is the best option to celebrate this National Cat Day. Give yourself a chance to adopt a cat among 4 million cats in the world. You can take a pet from your nearest cat rescue shelter or your locality. Then you will be a cat master. Just make sure that you have enough time in resources in your hand.

Buy your cat a water fountain

This is a brand new invention for the pets. Give your cat a water fountain this National Cat day. Through which your cat will get purified running water 24 hours a day. Maximum cats love this thing.

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Play with your Cat

Cats are playful by nature. But they hardly get enough time to play when they are under five years old. So Play with your cat her favourite games and spend a quality time on this day. Then promise yourself to manage at least 15 minutes every day for your cat.

Bake some cat shaped cookies

If you love cats as well as cooking or you have kids and love cats very much. Then you should bake some cat shaped chocolate cookies for them. It will also enrich your creation.

Have a National Cat Day party

Throw a party behalf of a cat on this day and invite your friends and family. You will surely have a great joy. So try it once.

Buy your cat a fun new toy

Cats are very fond of playing with new toys. They will soon get bored with their old toys. So gift your cat with some new and trendy toys in this day and play with her.

Donate blankets, food and toys to animal welfare organisations

If you love cats, but you don’t have a cat, then you will do some different things to celebrate this day. Buy some blankets, cat food, toys and then go to the nearest cat rescue centre to donate these stuff. You can also contact with animal welfare organisation and donate them too.

Spa Session

Take your cat for spa session which includes Grooming and Pawdicure. If your cat suffers from loose hair problem, then go for grooming. It will remove loose hair problem and makes your cat feel better. Older cats need extra grooming as it gives you the chance to check for tender spots, lumps, ticks and hot spots.
If you don’t want any damage from your cats, then give your cat a nail trim session. This pedicure also helps your cat to be healthy and fit.

Buy a Pet First Aid Book and Kit

If your cat likes to play then, she will get hurt while playing with her fellow cats. So you can do unique things on this National Cat day. Buy a pet first aid box and kit for your kitty. You can buy this directly from a shop or can make it by yourself.

Spend the day taking photos of your cat and posting them on Facebook page

You can celebrate this day with your pet by taking some special snap of your kitty and uploading these on your social page i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Google+, etc.
Hello! Cat people! All of you are waiting for the upcoming event of this year, which is first winter festival- National Cat Day 2016. Holidays are coming up! This is the start of the festive season. To us festival means celebration, enjoyment, parties; get together, gifts and many more things. So are you ready for this upcoming national holiday which is known as National Cat Day? Have you thought about any gift for this day? Well not to worry about this matter. You have some time in your hand. Here I suggest you some ideas about cat day gift. Hope it will help you to make your choice.

Yoga Mat Cat Toy

If you have a pet in your house and you love her more than anything, then you should try a different type of gift for her on this cat day. Yoga Mat Cat Toy is the right choice for her. This is a unique and unconventional gift for your lovable pet. This mat is comfortable, luxuriate and elongating for cats needs. It’s easy to wash for everyday purpose.

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Kitty Dress

On this cat day, you can buy a kitty dress for you. It is a nice gift though it is girly. So if you think to give a gift to your female friend or female member of your family, then it will be the best option. If you go to a party wearing this kitty dress, you will be the center of attraction no doubt.

Cat Face Shoes

Do you like shoes or obsessed with it and simultaneously you like cats?? Then this kind of thing is appt for you. This is shoes with cat-faced. Mainly this cat face shoes are party shoes and unisex. So if you like this, you can buy for you or you can buy this for your closest one.

Silicone Cat Tray

Do you like to bake? Or your mom is a passionate cook and as well as like cat very much. Then this is the best gift for her or you. She can bake cat shaped cookies, pastry and chocolate on this Silicone 
Cat Tray. Children will love to have this kind of food material. You should try this gift for once in a lifetime on this National Cat Day.

Cat Tea Set/Mug

If you have a friend who love cats or have a cat on his/hers house and he/she, like to have tea. Then Black Cat Tea Set or Cat Mug is a very good gift option for your friend. If you gift this item to your friend, he/ she will be very happy to have such a unique gift. 
Cats are not only pets, this animal has always been a friend, playmate and inspiration for many, including some important personality. As National Cat Day 2016 is only few days away, here we collected some great Cat Day Quotes in the below section. Only few can resist the love and addiction of these furry balls. For some cats can be the best companion, and there is no doubt about it. they are playful, mischievous and the cutest to keep you amused all day long. After a day of toil, reach home and they are present to make you feel special and will entertain you to forget your all day long frustration. Thus almost all the big names of history have their close association and fondness for this cute animal.  So here we are serving a few number of Cat Day 2016 quotes to show how well acknowledged they are by the famous people of different sectors.  

Cat Day 2016 Quotes
National Cat Day Quotes
Cat Day Quotes by Famous People

Earlier we published an article regarding Cat Day Images, you may also check it before reading the Cat Day Quotes. 
“If animals could speak, the dog would be a blundering outspoken fellow; but the cat would have the rare grace of never saying a word too much.”
“Authors like cats because they are such quiet, lovable, wise creatures, and cats like authors for the same reasons.”― Robertson Davies
“Of all God's creatures, there is only one that cannot be made a slave of the leash. That one is the cat. If man could be crossed with the cat, it would improve the man, but it would deteriorate the cat.”
― Mark Twain
“I have studied many philosophers and many cats. The wisdom of cats is infinitely superior.”
― Hippolyte Taine
“No matter how much the cats fight, there always seem to be plenty of kittens. ”
― Abraham Lincoln
“Dogs come when they're called; cats take a message and get back to you later.”
― Mary Bly
“Like all pure creatures, cats are practical.”
― William S. Burroughs, The Cat Inside
“A dog will flatter you, but you have to flatter the cat.”—George Mikes
National Cat Day 2016 Quotes: Best Collection
·         "In cat’s eyes, all things belong to cats." English Proverb
·         "Dogs believe they are human. Cats believe they are God."
·         "Beware of people who dislike cats."Irish Proverb
·         The cat has nine lives - three for playing, three for straying, and three for staying. - English proverb·         He is as quiet as a cat. - Japan proverb
·         "Dogs have owners; cats have staff." – Unknown
·         It is better to feed one cat than many mice. - Norwegian proverb
·         It is better to be a mouse in a cat's mouth than a man in a lawyer's hands. - Spanish proverb.

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So after the funny and few philosophic quotes on Cats, it is almost clear as crystal that cats have been of best companions of man, especially for the thinkers, poets and philosophers. Cat lovers can easily associate themselves with the Cat Day quotes and proverbs shared above. As Cat Day has a special purpose of saving the cats and making them appreciated as domestic animals and that is why the post on quotes on cat day has a special purpose too. This post will help you to understand there are a bunch of people who love and appreciate this animal.

Enjoy the article with your cat and celebrate National Cat Day 2016!

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Cat Day Quotes
National Cat Day Quotes
Cat Day 2016 Quotes
National Cat Day 2016 Quotes

We all know, we only fear the things we don’t understand. Black cats not so famous when it comes to making them a pet. There are various reasons behind that, but the most prominent are its colour. There are many superstitions regarding this harmless creature around the world. And there lies the importance of Black Cat day Celebration. 27th October is that day when we will be able to celebrate one of the most significant events of the year, National Black Cat day 2016, Just two days before National Cat Day. The real reason to celebrate the day is to bring the cursed animal for its colour to the mainstream and make it one of the most adopted creatures like any other animal.

Black Cat day 2016 Fun Facts

Ancient Egypt admired black cats for their quality to combat the unwanted presence of rat, mice and inferior creatures like that.

Cats of royalty were known to be dressed in golden jewellery, Black Cats were allowed to eat right off their owners’ plates. don't hesitate to share these fun facts about National Black Cat Day with your friends and family. 

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Goddess of warfare in Egypt was a woman with the head of a cat named Bastet.

According to Celtic mythology, it was believed that fairies could take the form of black cats. Their arrival to a home or village was seen as a sign of good luck.

Black Cats traditionally considered being good luck in Britain, though some countries in Europe have considered black cats to be a symbol of evil omens.

Today it takes 13 per cent longer time to find a new home for a black cat than a cat with some other colours. 

How to Celebrate National Black Cat Day

As there are a lot of superstitions regarding the Black cat it is often people avoid this animal and at times too rude and even try to harm them under the spell of superstition. Here lies the importance of celebrating the Black Cat Day.

The best way to celebrate the Black Cat Day is by waking the conscious of the people and make them believe the fear is only the product of a superstition that has nothing to do with the creature.

You can also make the campaign about rescue and spread love for the black cat!

The creature is as adorable as any other animal. The people who love and have adopted a black cat never have a complaint of its ominous nature.

Throw a party for the adorable and one of the most stylish looking pet!

Black Cat day 2016 Images

Black Cat Day
National Black Cat Day
Black Cat Day 2016
National Black Cat Day 2016
Black is not a colour of negativity or fear. The importance of celebrating the Black Cat Day is thus more about responsibility and duty to save the cute creature from the harsh treatment of humans. Let us know if we have missed out on anything regarding National Black Cat Day, just share your feedback in the comment section. Wish you all Happy Black Cat Day 2016, celebrate the day like never before.