Happy National Cat Day Facts, Wiki

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Want a cheerful life? Get yourself a pet! And what can be more adorable if you have a little kitty at your place, that is too cuddly and fluffy! Yap, you guessed it right am talking about a cat. One of the cutest pet awe can ever get. So on this National Cat Day love you cat a bit more and if you don’t have till now just gift yourself one. World Cat Day was first created by Colleen Paige who is a strong animal welfare advocate was concern about the plight of the domestic cat, and wanted to create awareness. There is always a symbiotic relationship between cats and humans for thousands of years.

As they say, a cat can never be truly domesticated; there are many fun facts regarding this ball of fur! National Cat Day Facts will make the day of you more hilarious ad can take you aback as most of the facts will be new and astonishing to you.

Now let’s talk about some of the most interesting facts about the cats on the National Cat Day.

Happy National Cat Day Facts:

  • ·         Kittens mostly born with blue eyes, which eventually changes with their age.
  • ·         Cats use their sensitive whiskers to examine if they are fit for a place.
  • ·         Cats do not have sweet teeth.
  • ·         Cats love boxes as the box give them an assurance of a covered and sheltered place.
  • ·         Female cats can have between 3-7 kittens every four months!
  • ·         Cats can make over 60 different sounds! Now that’s too interesting!
  • ·         Cats tend to like women better than men. Of course!
  • ·         cats are more left-pawed than right.
  • ·      There are almost cat breeds all over the world! Some of them are from wild breed and very dangerous.
  • ·         Cats are asleep 2/3rds of their life
  • ·         10% of a cat’s bones is on their tail. Wow.
  • ·         Happy National Cat day friends!

Happy National Cat Day 2016 Wiki

Cats are one of the most interesting animals that have so many interesting biological features that we cannot find any of the other animals. Some of the great things that are entitled with this animal are:

  • Cats have a longer-term memory than dogs, but they lack the social I.Q. of a dog.
  • Cats can only sweat through their foot pads.
  • Cats can run about 31 mph!
  • Cat has 500 skeletal muscles, has 30 teeth and gets pregnant between 58-65 days.
  • Cats can jump five times their height.
  • There are 19 breeds of black cat.
  • Aren’t the facts interesting!

Hope the National Cat Day 2016 Wiki will help you to know your most loving living thing I your house! Happy Cat Day!


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