What is National Cat Day? -- Know Everything About This Special Day

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It is October 29th which is noted as National Cat Day; that is celebrated every year in the United States. It is since 2005 that the celebration took place thanks to Colleen Paige who is a Pet Lifestyle Expert and Animal welfare advocate. Though today it is the fun day for all the pet lovers and their pets, I mean cat lovers and cats to be precise. There are many other dates that are offered for this ball of far. Like World Cat Day is celebrated on 17 February in most of the places in Europe where it is celebrated on 1 March in Russia. No doubt cat lovers are all over the world who wants to make it special for the little lazy furry member of the family.

What is Cat Day

What is National Cat Day

The National Cat Day was started by Colleen with a target. It was to aware people against the domestic violence and cruelty against pets especially cats. It was a movement that has flourished today as one of the most adorable events. The celebration of the day started with a target adoption of 10,000 cats for shelter on this special day.

How to Celebrate National Cat Day 2016

One can celebrate the day as they want. It’s a day for the cats and their owners. So make it the best day of your 2016. Shop interesting things for the cats, throw a party with your other cat lover and cat owner friends and neighbors.

Adopt a new cat or gift a kitty to your loved one!

Spread awareness for this domestic creature on Cat Day. How they need to be taken care of or the proper food and vaccinations.

Happy National Cat Day 2016 Fun Facts

  • Cats sleep 2/3rds of their life! The gray matter in a cat’s brain is similar to humans. Hmm, they are intelligent but a bit lazy!
  • 10% of a cat’s bones is on their tail. Wow! Have you ever realized that!
  • Cats can make over 60 different sounds!
  • Cats are allergic to chocolates.
  • Cats almost never meow at other cats, only humans. So next time your cat meows remember it is for you!
  • Cats can taste-sense the air. Yah cats are weird!
  • Cats can change their meow to sound like a baby cry to manipulate their masters.
What is National Cat Day indicating that you can get an extremely fun time with your kitty? Spread love and celebrate to the fullest the National Cat Day.


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