When is National Cat Day -- Know All The Details

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Cat! The name will make you say Awww! If you have a cat, then you must know there is a day that is celebrated internationally for cats. And the National Cat Day is October 29th every year in the United States since 2005.  Pet Lifestyle Expert and Animal welfare advocate Colleen Paige thought about the day to spread awareness against the animal cruelty and this day especially makes you aware about saving and protecting cats.

Pets are like family. They become part of the family with all the love and affection they get and ten times more they return you back. But there is a thing that cats are little under drawn. Thus the main reason to start the event is to attract people about the cat and make them interested in adopting one.

World Cat Day

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  • It’s a day to have fun with your little kitties. So you can do many things to make the day memorable for the most adorable member of the family.
  • Organize a small party with your those friends, colleagues and neighbors who have cats.
  • Buy some fun stuff for the adorable, harmless creature that he/she loves. You can also order some dresses specially made for them.
  • Take some good pictures and videos for remembrance.
  • Take your pet somewhere with a fresh air and refreshing environment! They are living being too. They also need to break the monotony!
  • And spread love and awareness for this most loving and innocent creature!

There is another day called World Cat Day that was created in 2002 and is celebrated on August 8th by the International Fund for Animal Welfare. The funny thing is the world Cat Day is celebrated on different dates in different places. World Cat Day is celebrated on 17 February in most of the places in Europe where it is celebrated on 1 March, in Russia.

According to the information, the day is helped to create awareness and since its start, the occasion has helped to save at least more than one million cats. The day is marked for new adoption.

How to Celebrate National Cat Day

So When is National Cat Day, just be a little naughtier like the other loving, naughty creature of your house!

Happy National Cat Day friends!


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