National Cat Day: Interesting Facts & Information

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Wake up Guys!! It is National Cat day. Don’t you want to celebrate this day with your pet? Then hurry up and get ready for this catty festival.

This is a day to celebrate our lovable kitty friends. Oh! I might forget to say that when National Cat Day is! It takes place worldwide on 8th of August every year and 29th October in the United States. The day was proclaimed by International Fund for Animal Welfare in the year of 2002. It is a day when cats are cuddled, hugged, pampered by their owners.

Cat Day 2016

There are over 500 million domestic cats in the world. As we all know, cats are quite gentle in nature. They are partially obedient. This quality helps them to enter the domestic area. Now a day’s cats came in the position of Second as ‘most popular pet’ in the United Kingdom, which is next to dogs. This is a healthy sign for these little furry pets. From this reports we can easily assume that now cats are equally adored by people in our society. Cats are independent in nature. They often choose their companion (Human/Owner) and house.  Cats are affectionate as well as self-reliant.

There is a blind spot too for these poor creatures. Many of us think that cats are not the right choice for domestic purpose. According to them, cat brings negative vibes to our family and life. For this, the old and ancient ritual are completely responsible. On that days to present day cats are used in the black magic activity. But people to understand that cats are not responsible for this matter; this is a human who used them as a medium. They are nothing but a living creature like rest of any animal.

As we know ‘all wells that end well’. Here is also a ray of hope. As there is still some person exists who believes in humanity, not in superstitions. They always tried their best in this matter. So we should say thanks to them and proceed this awareness by adopting and celebrating this National Cat Day 2016.

According to me people and cats can easily adjust with each other and live more happily together.


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