Top 10 Ways to Celebrate National Cat Day 2016

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National Cat day is a day for cats. All cat lovers and cat owners wait eagerly for this day.  This National Cat Day created by Pet Lifestyle Expert & Animal Behaviorist, Colleen Paige to help motivate the people to recognise the number of cats that need to be rescued each year. It also tries to motivate and encourage all cat lovers to love unconditionally to the pets. So here I like to suggest you ten different and unique ways to celebrate National Cat Day 2016. Hope you will like these ways and try some of these ways.

Cat Day 2016

Adopt a Cat

If you truly love cats, then this is the best option to celebrate this National Cat Day. Give yourself a chance to adopt a cat among 4 million cats in the world. You can take a pet from your nearest cat rescue shelter or your locality. Then you will be a cat master. Just make sure that you have enough time in resources in your hand.

Buy your cat a water fountain

This is a brand new invention for the pets. Give your cat a water fountain this National Cat day. Through which your cat will get purified running water 24 hours a day. Maximum cats love this thing.

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Play with your Cat

Cats are playful by nature. But they hardly get enough time to play when they are under five years old. So Play with your cat her favourite games and spend a quality time on this day. Then promise yourself to manage at least 15 minutes every day for your cat.

Bake some cat shaped cookies

If you love cats as well as cooking or you have kids and love cats very much. Then you should bake some cat shaped chocolate cookies for them. It will also enrich your creation.

Have a National Cat Day party

Throw a party behalf of a cat on this day and invite your friends and family. You will surely have a great joy. So try it once.

Buy your cat a fun new toy

Cats are very fond of playing with new toys. They will soon get bored with their old toys. So gift your cat with some new and trendy toys in this day and play with her.

Donate blankets, food and toys to animal welfare organisations

If you love cats, but you don’t have a cat, then you will do some different things to celebrate this day. Buy some blankets, cat food, toys and then go to the nearest cat rescue centre to donate these stuff. You can also contact with animal welfare organisation and donate them too.

Spa Session

Take your cat for spa session which includes Grooming and Pawdicure. If your cat suffers from loose hair problem, then go for grooming. It will remove loose hair problem and makes your cat feel better. Older cats need extra grooming as it gives you the chance to check for tender spots, lumps, ticks and hot spots.
If you don’t want any damage from your cats, then give your cat a nail trim session. This pedicure also helps your cat to be healthy and fit.

Buy a Pet First Aid Book and Kit

If your cat likes to play then, she will get hurt while playing with her fellow cats. So you can do unique things on this National Cat day. Buy a pet first aid box and kit for your kitty. You can buy this directly from a shop or can make it by yourself.

Spend the day taking photos of your cat and posting them on Facebook page

You can celebrate this day with your pet by taking some special snap of your kitty and uploading these on your social page i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Google+, etc.


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