Top 5 Most Popular Cat Breeds -- Cat Day 2016 Special

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Bringing a cat is huge decision itself. As pet cats are not toys, they are a living thing. They too have anger, hunger, and desire like children. So if you are thinking to bring a pussy at your home, then you should check this side 1st. Cat also needs a playmate. They are moody and very spontaneous in their reaction. So be care full when you think to be a cat owner. as Cat Day 2016 will be celebrated in the U.S on 29th October 2016, check out the most popular cat breeds in the below section. 

British Shorthair

It is a decent version of conventional British domestic cat. It is the oldest breed of the British cat. As its native land is England, it has full of British attitude. British Shorthair is comparatively well-built muscular, strong and dense cat. This British Shorthair is medium in size. Its weight is approx 15 to 21 pounds. It cherishes affection, but it is not a self-centered cat. It does not disturb you to say “me, me, me” only. British Shorthair has a mature, untroubled and relaxed nature quality. They also welcome the guest heartily. It is a very good choice for domestic purpose.

Abyssinian Cat

Abyssinian cats are originally from Ethiopia region. But it is developed in the United Kingdom. It is lean; Fine boned, very short hair and medium in size. Abyssinians like hunting. They are very active, strong and highly intelligent in nature. Among all cat breeds this Abyssinians lives their lives fullest.  This Abyssinians can be habit forming, so beware of this fact. It has a very few colour verities like ruddy brown or red, darker brown, or black. It has a sized almond eye which is green or gold in colour.

Turkish Angora

It is an ancient and pure breed of cat. Turkish Angora is one of the most loving cat breeds among all. The origin of these spices is a turkey. This breed is so intelligent and extremely affirm and playful with children and other personalities. It will get closed within a very short period.  Turkish Angora looks so elegant that nobody can neglect its presence.  A fine and long silky fur covered its body all around. It is such an adorable pet I have ever seen.

Japanese Bobtail

It is a fully domestic cat. The native land of this breed is Japan and Southeast Asia. It has a close similarity with rabbit. Japanese Bobtail has a short tail which recognised it from other. Japanese Bobtail has human oriented nature. It is very gentle and likes to play. It is very obedient in nature. 

Russian Blue

Russian Blue is from Russian origin. It has a very soft and short hair covered all over its body. It is an elegant type of cat. This breed has muscular, strong appearance proclaim to call it a Doberman Cat. Russian Blue is shy, gentle and quiet in nature. It has a reserved personality. But above all, it is very much domestic in nature. So you can go for it


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